The Logical Order of the Decrees

Divine Purpose:
To manifest God’s love To manifest God’s glory
Logical Order of the Decree(s)
1. To create man2. To provide for possibility of salvation and the sufficient means of its application in view of the foreseen fall

3. All believers should be saved and all unbelievers reprobated.

4.God elects to save and reprobate some on the basis of foreseen faith or unbelief

1. To create2. To permit the fall

3. To provide for a universal salvation in Christ’s mediation

4. Foreseeing human inability, he elected to give faith to some faith and repentance.

1. To create man;2. To permit the fall of man viewed as created;

3. To elect from fallen man and to pass others by;

4. To provide salvation for the elect.

1. Chose creatable and falliblehumans to be elect and reprobate;2. decreed to create elect and reprobate humans;

3. Decreed the fall;

4. Chose to provide salvation for the elect.

Historical Theology
Arminian Remonstrants Amyraut et co WCF; CD, Calvin; Genevan Consensus (1549); Formula Consensus Hevelticus (1675, Heidegger, Turretin), 1905 Conclusions of Utrecht permits both, favors Infra; Hodges, Murray, Strimple Often attributed to Beza and Gomarus. Attributed also to G. Voetius, Twisse, G. Vos, H. Hoeksema, G. Kersten

* Adapted from C. Hodge, Systematic Theology, 2.316-21; F. Klooster, s.v., “Supralapsarianism,” in The Evangelical Dictionary of Theology; A. A. Hodge, Outlines of Theology, 231-4.